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West Midlands Circuit Champs - RR23 Race Report.

Becca Woodvine & Evie Strachan at the West Midlands Circuit Champs, Stourbridge

19 June 2022, Stourport

It looks as if this racing round on skinny tyres is catching. First Daphs had a go, and this week it was the turn of Evie to have a go following the expert wheel of Becca.



Becca Woodvine & Evie Strachan at the West Midlands Circuit Champs, Stourbridge

Wow first road race ever - never thought I would say that!

Had a great time Sunday trying out road racing at the West Mids Circuit Champs and definitely learned a lot.

Not the best off starts due to struggling to clip in but still managed to get into the bunch. First thing I learned was that the race tactics are completely different to mountain biking. I spent the first couple of laps trying to get used to the flow of the race and closer to the front of the bunch.

I thought it was a good track with a few draggy sections but definitely not a lot of scenery, so spent a lot of time singing my limited knowledge of random queen song lyrics (after watching the queen film on Saturday night!)

I enjoyed the race when the pace picked up with a few sudden attacks off the front, and kept with the front riders and spent the last few laps with teammate Becca at the front.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the best line on the last corner of the lap so had to scrub a lot of speed off before the final sprint but still finished in a respectable 5th place.

Overall I had a great time and gained a lot of confidence for road so will definitely try again for the next time!



Becca Woodvine on the top step of the podium at the West Midlands Circuit Champs, Stourbridge

Was really looking forward to this race due to racing with my team-mate. This was also a great opportunity to regain my West Mids Champs 1st place from last year .

I started the race well, put pressure on the group and attacked a couple times. Mid-way through the race it all calmed down, so i tried attacking again but sadly none of them stuck.

Coming into the final few laps, I just sat up and let everyone else do the work.

Last lap, I was at 3rd wheel in the last hairpin moved up coming into the last corner and released the sprint for the win. I'm super happy to be West Mids Circuit Champ! Bring on Woodys (MTB) and then the National Road & MTB Champs and over the next couple of weeks and month!

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