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Junior National North West Women’s Tour - RR23 Race Report.

Daphne Jones, North West Junior Tour 2022, Clitheroe

4-5 June 2022, Clitheroe

Daphne went road racing. Daphne has never been road racing before. Being sensible Daphne decided to start with a small local race. Oh wait, this is Daphne.

Daphne launched herself straight into a three stage affair at the Junior National North West Women’s Tour. Of course she did. I blame her parents.



Daphne Jones, North West Junior Tour 2022, Clitheroe

Last weekend I travelled up north to compete in the U23 / Junior National North West Women’s Tour.

This was my first ever road race so I did throw myself in the deep end a bit but that’s the best way I find. [Not everyone finds this, Daphs -ed] The event was made of 3 stages: 1 Time Trial and two road races.

Stage 1:

Didn’t really know what expect going to into this event as it was almost completely new to me. My plan was to go off at pace that was near flat out but one that I could hold which seemed to working well for me until a wrong turn on course lead me to getting lost but I found my back and still finished the stage. Luckily British cycling took part responsibility for this so it didn’t affect my GC standings too much. [I’m relieved this was BC’s fault although it has removed a chance for years of micky taking for the rest of the team -Ed ]

Stage 2:

The next stage was 30 mile road race and it was 3 laps round 10 mile lap. The race started fairly steady with pace shooting up in the later half of the first lap. I managed to stick with the leading group until half way round the 2nd lap where I then found myself in a group of five.

We then worked together until an attack went in the closing stages of the race that me and

another girl just couldn’t follow. I finished the stage in 15th place and I was very happy with that.

Stage 3:

The final stage was a 40 mile hilly road race which was absolutely brutal. The pace was high from the word go and main group got torn apart on the first big hill. I then spent the majority of the race in a group of 3 which I then broke away from on the last lap.

I was caught in the closing stages of the race. Luckily I had enough energy to attack them again going up the final hill to finish the race in 15th which I was stoked with.

I finished up 16th on GC which I was very happy with. Not too bad for a mountain biker.

Overall, it was an awesome experience and I did secretly enjoy it, MTB is still definitely on top though. I'll be looking to getting stuck back into training over the next couple of weeks in preparation for the final round of the National XC series.

- Awesome stuff, Daphers - we do love this attitude of having a crack at something new and being a little bit out of your depth. If you can do that and enjoy it at the same time then there are so many opportunities to grab.

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