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Becca in Belgium - RR23 Race Report.

Becca Woodvine representing RR23 in Belgium over Christmas 2022

December 2023, Belgium

We’re pleased to announce that the RR23 kit has now been seen abroad. Becca went to Belgium with the support of Ride for Charlie, West Mids CX, family and as part of her Christmas present.

A first for all concerned so many things were learned, mostly about how a green light for a race isn’t necessarily a green light and may require a last minute change of plans. A frustrating system but yet another of those things to cope with while racing. Fortunately, she did get to ride, and ride she did.



Belgium was full of new experiences and lots of memories to remember. My first race was Kerniel, after getting a red light for Louenhout 2 nights before: the course was slick with some technical descents and corners.

I had a good race, settled into a rhythm, and used the technical sections to my advantage. I had no course practice, so had less confidence on the first lap which lost me time, but it’s all about learning. Happy to finish 8th overall elite women.

Baal was my second race which was a UCI Junior Girls’ race. It had everything: off cambers, washboard, steps, bridge, lots of mud and banks. I didn’t have the greatest of starts but used the low cadence and technical course to power my way through the field. I rode with an American girl for most of the race fighting on every inch of the course. I was able to pull away on the last lap getting into the top 15. Happy to come from 32nd to 15th.

Just a huge thank you to all the people who made this trip possible, Ride for Charlie, West Midlands Cyclocross, Dad, Isla, Linda, Alec and the last minute bike fix, Dave. I made new friends and learnt so much about racing abroad in such a short space of time.

The last 2 cross races left for the season coming up, Nationals and National Championships!

- Cracking racing, Becca, and great to see you gained so much from the experience, too.

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