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2023 Season Round-Up: Evie Strachan

Evie Strachan's 2023 Season Round-Up

This season has been a whirlwind of challenges and victories, and I'm ecstatic with the progress I've made.

Setting goals at the start of the year and actually achieving them feels incredibly satisfying.

Winning my first national during Tong round 1 was a pivotal moment, and carrying that momentum throughout the national series to clinch the Series Overall win was beyond thrilling.

Massive gratitude goes out to my sponsors who have been instrumental in my racing journey this season. Schwalbe's support with their range of tyres, from the reliable Rocket Rons for muddy courses to the swift Racing Ray and Ralph tyres for faster tracks, significantly improved my grip and performance. Lazer helmets and Shimano shoes have been absolute game-changers, providing comfort and reliability throughout every race.

Reflecting on my growth, both on and off the bike, has been rewarding. I've honed my technical skills, fine-tuned race tactics, and learned invaluable lessons in race preparation and managing pre-race nerves.

Of course, every season has its challenges, snapping my chain at Woody's Round 4 was definitely a low point. It set me back from achieving the result I was aiming for, but it taught me a valuable lesson in resilience. I learned to ride my own race, not letting setbacks define my performance. Taya Chain's swift assistance in resolving the issue was incredible, ensuring I've had no chain-related problems since.

Being selected for EYOF to represent Team GB was undeniably one of the season's highlights. Racing abroad for the first time was an eye-opening experience that elevated my racing skills and competitiveness. I'm eager to build on this in the next season, striving for better results and gaining more exposure to international races.

The cherry on top has been the opportunity to join the British Cycling Olympic development programme. The prospect of representing them in European and world-level events next season is an honor and a testament to the progress made this year.

I can't express enough gratitude to RR23 for their unwavering support and guidance. Their assistance has been pivotal in my growth and progression as a racer, and I'm incredibly thankful for their continued help.

As this season winds down, I'm already gearing up, both mentally and physically, for the challenges and triumphs that the next season will bring.

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