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Shrewsbury 10 km Road Race - RR23 Race Report.

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

It’s not just riding at RR23 – Daphne is also a pretty keen runner, which fits in well with a team connected to Run & Ride. And while Matt is a pretty handy runner, the rest of the support team mostly just look on in awe at anything above a middle-aged shuffle.



Today I raced the local Shrewsbury 10k race. I went into it unsure of what to expect as it was my first road race in a while and first time getting a time for this distance. My aim was to get around the 50 minute mark. I started strongly and felt good from the get go. The course was quite hilly so suited my fell running background well. As the race progressed I continued to feel strong and started pick off the runners in front.

My end time was 46 minutes which I was incredibly happy with and I had smashed what I thought was possible.

I also came 5th in the senior women and being at the low end of the age category I was very pleased with the result and I look forward to doing some more road races in the future.


Daphne 5th in senior women having turned 18 only a few weeks ago. There’s also been Instagram evidence of her sending some pretty large drops as she seeks to improve her riding. In other words, there’s not much keeping up with this one. Well done, Daphs.

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